Project planning and control

Project Planning and Control plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful execution of projects, helping to manage resources, schedules, budgets and risks.

Ewen's project planning and control helps organizations manage complex projects in a systematic and organized way, providing the right framework to achieve the desired results while minimizing risks and inefficiencies.

The right answer at the right time

In the initial phase of projects, a detailed work program is developed, with all the systems for controlling deadlines and costs, including EVM (Earned value management);

In the service monitoring phase, it is possible to follow the progress of all stages, identifying critical points. Financial flows can be forecast and monitored. Through the control dashboards, it is possible to carry out analyses of any component of the project. 

Implementation methodology

Setup phase:

  • Development of the detailed Work Program (in Primavera P6" software)
  • Development of all the project's quantitative control procedures;
  • Development of the periodic reports to be issued during the course of the project;
  • Training the local team

Follow-up phase:

  • Support in monitoring progress,
  • Carrying out risk and sensitivity analyses and issuing alerts;
  • Support for the local team in maintaining the work program;
  • Support in discussions with subcontractors and/or the client;


Detailed project plan
Progress follow-up
Detailed cash flow forecast
Execution dashboards

Project planning and control

Project control parameters

It is possible to obtain various project control parameters, such as:

  • EVM (Earned Value Management): PV (Planned Value), EV (Earned Value), SPI (Schedule Performance Index);
  • DEVA (Developed by EWEN itself): Drill-down of the backlog (quantity in invoicing value), by WBS structure, by Bill of Quantities, or by any other code structure;
  • Billing forecast, by any type of code (Bill of quantities chapter, site, type of work, subcontractor, etc.);

Visualization of progress ("Progress Map");

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