Compressed Air

Compressed air is used in various sectors and has different applications, from driving pneumatic tools, driving conveyor belts and assembly lines and controlling valves and actuators, etc.

How can we optimize the use of compressed air?

At the plant:

We analyze the composition of the plant and its layout, including compressors, filters, dryers and tanks, as well as the plant control system;

We measure the energy consumption of the plant and simultaneously measure the compressed air produced in the plant, obtaining the specific consumption of the plant;

To measure the compressed air production, we use hot-tapping techniques allowing the installation of flow, pressure and dew point probes without any interruption of the plant operation;

On the net:

We analyze the network design and its suitability for the current needs of the plant;

We carry out a detailed campaign to identify and classify air leaks, using ultrasonic equipment;

Why you should have an audit

Detailed analysis of consumption as well as compressed air quality
Identification of measures to improve the efficiency of the plant
Economic feasibility analysis of the measures to be implemented

Choosing Ewen

From day one, Ewen has been an energy services company and has developed and implemented solutions to reduce energy costs by avoiding energy waste.

We work with several clients in different sectors and are a reference in energy efficiency and management.

Our technical expertise, transparency and integrity allow us to create strong professional bonds with each and every client.

Proximity and listening to your needs is one of our main differentiating factors.

Choosing Ewen

During the audit, we installed a monitoring system, allowing Ewen and clients to access real-time data via the internet at no additional cost.

We present a detailed analysis of the consumption and quality of the compressed air (pressure, dew point) as well as the specific energy consumption of the plant, benchmarking it against other similar installations;

We propose measures to improve the efficiency of the plant, which may include installing VEV's, purchasing new equipment, changing the control philosophy of the plant, reducing pressure, among others;

We propose measures related to the compressed air network, which may include resizing piping, separating or joining loops / sections, installing control valves to section off parts of the network at certain times, installing booster compressors, installing buffer tanks, etc;

All measures are with data collected in the field and further processed, detailed calculations of expected savings, description of the proposed measure, detailed investment estimate, and economic feasibility analysis;

Ewen wants to be the long-term partner for the energy transition and decarbonization of your business.

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