Walk-Through Audit

Through the Walk-Through Audit it is possible to identify energy efficiency opportunities and assess the energy performance of a factory or service building. This process involves a systematic inspection of the facility to assess energy consumption, identify energy saving measures and recommend improvements.

Our Walk-Through methodology covers:

Analysis of information about the facility, such as size, occupancy patterns, operating hours, energy bills and any existing energy management systems.

Physical site visit to survey equipment, lighting systems, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems, insulation and any other relevant energy consuming components.

Gather and process data related to energy consumption and patterns.

Report and recommendations, identifying energy saving opportunities. Recommendations are always calculated on the basis of cost-effectiveness, potential energy savings and payback period.

The aim of a Walk-Through is to identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements, reduce energy consumption and costs, and improve overall energy performance.

Walk-Through Audit Projects

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