Strategic energy plan

We support companies in developing their strategic energy plan. Rely on the Ewen team to help define long-term energy management goals, strategies and actions. These plans serve as a roadmap to guide decision-making and prioritize initiatives aimed at improving energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and promoting the use of clean and renewable energy sources.

Key points of the strategic plan:

  • Vision and goals to be achieved.
  • Diagnosis
  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Integration of renewable energy
  • Procurement and energy management
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Implementation and monitoring
  • Stakeholder framework
  • Continuous improvement and evaluation

The benefits of the Strategic Energy Plan

Management of energy resources
Cost reduction
Mitigation of environmental impacts
Align operations with sustainability goals
Prioritization of investments.

Strategic energy plan projects

Ewen wants to be the long-term partner for the energy transition and decarbonization of your business.

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