Energy management and monitoring

How important is energy management?

A significant percentage of the energy consumed in companies is wasted, leading to unnecessary costs. Energy management allows you to plan, monitor and optimize the use of energy in your company's different industrial processes and buildings. In this way, you can achieve various objectives such as saving costs, improving operational performance and reducing your ecological footprint.

The amount of energy needed to produce a product or service has a direct effect on its final price. Energy management is an essential tool for avoiding energy waste and reducing costs.

The Ewen approach to energy management

Ewen's value proposition is based on 3 main layers:

Data collection (hardware sensing)

Installation of sensors, meters and data loggers to collect energy consumption data in real time.

Energy management system: e+Monitor

e+Monitor is an energy management system that concentrates data collection and analysis and provides data to support improvement measures.

Energy management service

This is the differentiating element. The expertise of the Ewen team works alongside companies to identify opportunities for optimizing energy costs and reducing energy waste. The Ewen team continuously monitors the energy performance of your building or production process and proactively identifies strategies for improvement.

Money-back guarantee

Ewen makes a commitment to customers to provide a specific level of energy savings or cost reduction as a result of implementing energy efficiency measures.

How does the return guarantee work?

An initial baseline of current energy consumption and costs is established, which serves as the basis for measuring the effectiveness of the project. Once the energy efficiency measures have been implemented, continuous monitoring and data collection is carried out to measure actual energy consumption and cost savings achieved compared to the established baseline.


Cost reduction
Optimizing consumption
Support for strategic decisions
Management of the entire energy system
Return guarantee

Energy management and monitoring projects

Choosing Ewen

From day one, Ewen has been an energy services company and has developed and implemented solutions to reduce energy costs by avoiding energy waste.

We work with several clients in different sectors and are a reference in energy efficiency and management.

Our technical expertise, transparency and integrity allow us to create strong professional bonds with each and every client.

Proximity and listening to your needs is one of our main differentiating factors.

Ewen wants to be the long-term partner for the energy transition and decarbonization of your business.

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