Audits and certifications

For companies, the energy transition is a huge opportunity for sustainable development. The audit is an important step to learn how energy is consumed and what measures can be implemented to make production processes more efficient.

Audits: Identify how energy is used

Through an energy audit, which consists of a detailed study, it is possible to know how you use energy and its consumption, obtaining personalized advice on energy efficiency measures that can be implemented to optimize your business.

Ewen can invest in the implementation of the actions resulting from the audit by concluding energy performance contracts.

Energy certifications, an important step

Ewen also supports companies in obtaining various energy certifications.

Certification is an important step as it provides an independent assessment of the energy performance of buildings or production processes. By obtaining an energy certification, organizations can reinforce their commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability by providing commitment to stakeholders who are committed to specific energy performance standards.

The methodology we applied in our analysis:

  • Diagnosis and information gathering
  • Execution of the diagnosis and energy profile
  • Identification of energy cost reduction measures
  • Technical and economic analysis of the various measures
  • Elaboration of the energy consumption rationalization plan

Audit and certification projects

Ewen wants to be the long-term partner for the energy transition and decarbonization of your business.

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