Decarbonize efficiently.

Energy efficiency and decarbonization are two linked themes.
Efficiency allows using less energy and resources to achieve the same level of production.
Decarbonization allows us to reduce carbon emissions in the production process.
At Ewen we bring the two worlds together, reducing costs and impact on the planet.

This is decarbonization with efficiency.

An efficient company is a sustainable company.

A commitment to energy efficiency is a commitment to sustainability.
Companies with efficient operations reduce costs and consume fewer resources.
This is a determining factor in competitiveness and in attracting customers who choose companies committed to the planet.
Energy is an important cost in the structure of an organization, not only a financial cost but also an environmental cost.
Energy efficient companies optimize energy consumption and reduce costs and impacts.

This is a competitive advantage.

A roadmap to decarbonize

Ewen is at your company's side to help build and implement your decarbonization roadmap, setting a sustained path to carbon neutrality. We define the main guidelines and identify the cost-effective options to achieve the ideal sustainable development scenario.

We have the know-how and are present throughout the value chain to walk this path alongside your company.

Less carbon, less tax, more independence

The decarbonization of the industry, causing less emissions, allows a reduction of the Carbon Fees to be paid, not to say, its total elimination.

And in a growing industry attractive to new markets, being able to produce more at lower cost is a competitive advantage.

In addition, the potential to become energy independent, or at least secure a large part of consumption needs, is a company's protection against external and uncontrollable changes.

Managing energy

We understand that a decarbonization process is not done all at once.

Being a process, it is a continuum of learning by constantly monitoring and tracking results, intervening and improving with what we learn along the way.

Technological developments

Solutions are constantly evolving and it is essential to keep up with trends.

There are new forms of alternative energy being studied, storage systems almost available at market prices, new more productive photovoltaic panels, green hydrogen, ...

Solutions are not unique, but convergent, always based on needs and best results.

Decarbonization "as a service"

Your company should focus on the investments that are essential to your business, Ewen can ensure project financing.

If your business faces the challenge of decarbonization

We are ready to be your partner, to optimize and manage your energy consumption.

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