Domino Ceramics

view of the domino ceramics warehouse

Dominó is a ceramics company located in Condeixa-a-Nova that sells ceramic floor and wall tiles used in a wide variety of spaces, whether residential, commercial, hotel or outdoor.

For Dominó, the great commitment to the design of its products is what makes this company unique and innovative, leading it to export around 50% of its production, which can be found in more than 50 countries, with Western Europe being its most important market.

Sustainability and efficiency are fundamental pillars for Dominó Cerâmicas

In recent years, Dominó, as an energy-intensive company, has demonstrated its concern to implement a series of energy measures to lower its energy costs, which represent around 15% of its total costs, and to reduce its environmental footprint, which today represents an added cost to companies due to the continuous increase in greenhouse gas emission licenses.

With Ewen, they implemented a customized thermal insulation system in five pieces of equipment that are part of the plant's drying process.

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